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I can't predict who will misread my words, or when, or how. I remember one argument, where I'd described the deportation of the Crimean Tatars as unfortunate, and someone took that to say I was supporting that deportation, instead of denouncing that. I said it was unfortunate, A wrong thing. I remember those other arguments about life expectancy, and some people took that to say I was supporting colonialism, instead of denouncing that and questioning some claims about past life expectancies.

So when someone misreads my words, I can't offer any honest apology. And I don't think any of you should unless you feel you can predict these things, and can be responsible for how other people read what you write.
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I don't know what to think of this discussion:

Point one: there are genuinely threatening people out there.

Point two: I'll always have trouble recognizing the genuinely threatening people, without overtly threatening acts. I can't really define that. I'll always have fight-or-flight responses but these aren't restricted to the genuinely threatening people [someone in a police uniform, some man in no shirt, someone walking a dog, some several men talking together]. I mean I have a fairly strong 'creepdar' but it is prone to false positives and false negatives.

Point three: I'm going to suggest that some of our 'creepdar' is actually 'xenodar' and rooted in unconscious xenophobia. If our first reaction is to be afraid of someone, we ought to ask ourselves why we're afraid of them. A lot of the time, it is a bad reason, rooted in racism, or sexism, or fear of 'strange' behavior. A lot of the time it can mean hurting someone when we need to help them. At one point I heard a woman shouting and saw a man staggering and not speaking. I was confused and scared until she explained that he was having some kind of medical emergency and needed water. So I got water. I worry that trusting in our 'creepdar' can mean ignoring people in genuine emergencies, and ostracizing people with disabilities.
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I believe that we must do more to treat autism and to investigate its causes. It is particularly tragic that the incidence of autism seems to be increasing dramatically while we do not have sufficient understanding of what causes the illness. We must pursue an aggressive research agenda to identify causes of autism while continuing to support better treatment for autism victims.

How on earth do you reach these people and make it clear that no, we do not want them to exterminate us, no, we do not regard ourselves as victims of our selfhood, no, no, NO!
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Walk by PETA house.

Yell at them.

Ask them why they hate autistic people.


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