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Sites have the right to leave hate speech, or to remove it from their pages.

They ought to be clear what they’re doing, though.

The Guardian community standards currently state: “5. We will not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia or other forms of hate-speech, or contributions that could be interpreted as such.”

They also leave up posts using “i*****,” and “m****.”

They also remove posts pointing out that “i*****” is a dehumanizing slur, which the right-wing media have pushed to try to normalize Arpaio-like violence, and that “m****” was a classification in forced sterilization campaigns and is an ableist slur.

These aren’t better than other slurs because they’re more common. If anything they’re worse, because they show attitudes are more normalized, so the violence is more common too.
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“I'm not an "ableist", I resent being called one, and I'm not going to sterilize my language of useful words. You, however, have gone from tone-trolling to name calling. You might want to think about what that says about you.”

I was literally responding to your use of eugenicist slurs to call other people names. Yet you accuse me of "name calling." And you are offended that I object to these slurs. Yet you accuse me of "tone trolling.”

We live in an ableist society. 50% of the people killed by police are disabled. 40% of the homeless are disabled. Public transportation may be inaccessible depending on disabilities. Streets, sidewalks, and crosswalks may be inaccessible. Government services will be inaccessible depending on disabilities.

It's impossible to escape these attitudes. I've learned a lot of ableism, and I'm trying to unlearn it.
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“Maybe you should stay off the internet if name calling offends you so much.“

Maybe you should get off the internet if you insist on using eugenicist slurs like i****, i*******, and m**** everywhere.

I have hyperacusis and a non-epileptic photosensitivity, so I don’t have accessible public transportation, and I don’t have safe crosswalks. It’s not like I can work without the internet, or go to the library, or just talk to people without the internet.


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