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I have sensory issues, chronic migraines, coordination issues, and other health issues. Strobe lights, turn signals, and other flashing lights are painful, and often dazzle me, disorient me, or trigger my migraines. I can’t use phones, and I haven't been able to register for relay services, there are identification barriers, so I need to be able to use the web to schedule things, to contact doctors, etc.

I use a Mac, because I had nasty hardware accessibility and driver issues using Linux on Windows-oriented machines. I keep triggering my migraines when trying new browsers. So far I've tried Safari, Firefox, Safari again, Sleipnir, Opera, and Vivaldi.

I think Links [not Lynx!] might be worth trying, but I am not sure how to install it. I think I would need to compile everything.

I’ve been using Firefox because:

(a) It allows me to whitelist cookies from specific sites, so it doesn’t require me to turn the damn things on and off all the time, unless I’m trying to use Google or some other broken site which requires third-party cookies, those still require me to turn the damn things on and off all the time.

(b) It has a number of accessibility extensions to block gifs, block specific kinds of pain/animation, and, if need be, block javascript.

I’m having trouble because:

(a) It doesn’t have enough accessibility extensions to block enough kinds of pain/animation.


(c ) And other broken menus.
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I've tried this over the past several days. It means I can handle a bit more noise bombardment a bit longer. It doesn't mean I can deal with incapacitating noise painhammers though.

I basically wear moldable silicone ear plugs, then ear buds playing pink noise over them, then ear protectors over the combination. It is somewhat uncomfortable and it does take a while to set up. I use the pink noise to help mask noise and to help keep my brain from amplifying everything. I wear the ear buds over the ear plugs, first, because I still need the plugs for protection, and second, because buds are frakking uncomfortable. Yes, the wires for the buds break the seal of the protectors, but so do the frames for my glasses and the position of my ears.
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Imagine that, in most public places and public accommodations, there are burly bullies hired to beat up "freaks." And you're one of the few "freaks." Other people keep telling you it's not violence, but you keep getting beaten up.

Having sensory issues is like that. Getting beaten with flashing lights, strobing fluorescent lights, backup beepers, sirens, etc. isn't that different from getting beaten with fists, feet, improvised clubs, and other weapons I'm too triggered to talk about. It hurts more than those, less than the other weapons. It often leaves migraines, but doesn't leave bruises.
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I don't know how common sensory issues are. I can see how common bad design which worsens sensory issues can be.

For example, backup beepers, sirens, and flashing lights are often used as warning signals. But they can inflict incapacitating pain. For another example, grocery stores often use machines that go beep, bright strobing flourescent lights, and scented detergents. And web sites often use autoplay.

Why? Why on earth? Why?

I currently use Firefox. I have used various settings and add-ons to disable autoplay and disable animations. But. they. don't. work. For some reason, Firefox's accessibility settings do not work in Firefox any more. And Mozilla's own site uses autoplay on some pages.

What is going on here?

P.S. It turns out that the latest painsource was a flash video. Between Firefox 34 breaking several add-ons, Firefox 34 breaking the Flash plug-in, and the new Flash plug-in breaking other add-ons, I had to find a new add-on to block Flash again. An ugly solution. Why can't Firefox just block all animation/video by default and include toggles to run any of that if you want to?

P.P.S. Obviously it's not the worst accessibility issue. But it is one of those insulting accessibility issues where people have gone out of their way to make things less accessible for no discernable reason.


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