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Commentator: Depends what kind of vibe you give me, if you avoid eye contact, fidgeting in your seat, hiding hands then yes I get suspicious.

Me: I am autistic. I guess my existence must be suspicious behavior to you and to police who think like you.
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I believe that we must do more to treat autism and to investigate its causes. It is particularly tragic that the incidence of autism seems to be increasing dramatically while we do not have sufficient understanding of what causes the illness. We must pursue an aggressive research agenda to identify causes of autism while continuing to support better treatment for autism victims.

How on earth do you reach these people and make it clear that no, we do not want them to exterminate us, no, we do not regard ourselves as victims of our selfhood, no, no, NO!
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It's hard. Some beatings, some stuff I'd rather not talk about, a death in the family, and frequent reminders that I don't control my own life have sucked all the joy out of my own life.

P.S. I've had good days and bad in the past three weeks. I'm triggered now, but on the whole I'm doing better these days than I was then. I've got a better idea too, of what keeps bringing me back to the beatings, and the other stuff I've survived, and the fear. Maybe I can work through it after all. Maybe it will start getting better instead of worse.
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(it's impossible to use our old logins, and it's impossible to register for new ones - perhaps some kind of software incompatability? - but it will not send the email to reset my password for my old account and will not send the email to set up my new account either.)

I thought I'd comment on these posts:

There are some nice ideas in there. But there are some nice-seeming ideas with vicious consequences too.

(on the primate level, how do eye contact, physical contact, and stance etc. contribute to establishing trust when meeting a stranger? You can study that)

They define neurotypicals as the norm, and everyone else as the other. A society which expects eye contact is a society which creates a neurodiverse underclass and defines that underclass as shifty and untrustworthy. A society which expects eye contact is likely to blind itself to the injustice, the apartheid, it creates in doing so.


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