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I’m still in a lot of pain from that.

Fortunately, I don’t seem to have anything broken, or to have concussions, and only seem to have moderate loss of motion in my good arm.

I was crossing the street on my way home, and instead went to the clinic and by a nearby bookstore before going home.

I am able to walk despite my injuries and the pain from my injuries. But I had to stop partway ‘cause of someone’s car alarm and the pain from their car alarm.

Why do neurotypicals make things so loud???

For me, the injuries seem to be about as painful as 60 to 65 decibels. For those of you wanting to understand severe hyperacusis, 60 to 65 decibels can be about as painful as the injuries from getting hit by a car at low speed.
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The thing about noise paralysis is that you can’t walk away from noise paralysis. It may not be complete paralysis. I can usually bring my hands to my ear protection, crouch, or if in in extreme pain, curl up on the ground. But I can’t walk or even crawl like that. It doesn’t have to be complete paralysis to trap me and possibly endanger me.

P.S. I can’t find anything else about this online.
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I have severe sensory processing issues, including severe hyperacusis.

I am unable to support myself or to move elsewhere, due to my sensory issues, the beatings, and other health issues.

I am unable to go anywhere near construction, due to my hyperacusis. Backup beepers are an absolute agony. When I am hit by backup beepers, I can’t do anything but curl up, scream in pain, and hope to die. I already wear ear plugs and ear protectors to help with all the other noises, but they aren’t nearly enough protection against backup beepers.

I just recieved notice of a construction project a couple blocks away. It may begin as early as February 19th.

I don’t think I’ll be able to get away.

I don’t think I’ll be able to survive the noise bombardment.

Logically, I should kill myself before the noise bombardment, and spare myself the agony.

I want some other option.

I've emailed the audiologist. I don't know what else I can do.
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I've been trying to register for My Sprint Relay, because I have sensory issues, including hyperacusis, and I can't make phone calls.

Once I complete the first part of registration, I get an email which, after some identifying info, states:

Sprint Relay Customer Service has received your registration request. To complete the FCC required verification process, please contact Sprint Relay Customer Service through and click on the link "Need Help? Call Customer Service" or contact 800-676-3777. A representative will be available Monday-Friday from 6 AM - 11 PM CT.

Thank you

If I click the "Need Help? Call Customer Service" link, I get an email, but each time I write to that email, I get something to the effect of:

Hello [name],

To complete the FCC required verification process, please contact Sprint Relay customer service through and click on the link "Need Help/" Call Customer service or contact 800-676-3777. A representative will be available Monday-Friday from 6am-11pm CT.

Thank you

Finally getting somewhere, but not any closer to registration:

Do you have access to a TTY or to a Video Phone? If so, you can contact us through the relay operator at 1-800-676-3777

P.S. Okay, there was also a chat option, which was hard to find because of my browser settings.

I got through on chat, and they require a drivers licence and a utility bill. I have sensory processing disorder so can’t drive, can’t bike, can’t ride the bus, and can barely cross the street because of the strobe lights everywhere. And can’t get through the bureaucracy because of the strobe lights there. Frak ableist Fcc requirements.
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I've tried this over the past several days. It means I can handle a bit more noise bombardment a bit longer. It doesn't mean I can deal with incapacitating noise painhammers though.

I basically wear moldable silicone ear plugs, then ear buds playing pink noise over them, then ear protectors over the combination. It is somewhat uncomfortable and it does take a while to set up. I use the pink noise to help mask noise and to help keep my brain from amplifying everything. I wear the ear buds over the ear plugs, first, because I still need the plugs for protection, and second, because buds are frakking uncomfortable. Yes, the wires for the buds break the seal of the protectors, but so do the frames for my glasses and the position of my ears.
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But because I am disabled, and because I was beaten with backup beepers instead of fists and feet and improvised clubs, and because the pain is from a migraine rather than bruises, it doesn’t count as violence.
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I have hyperacusis. I am often incapacitated by loud noises especially painhammers/backup beepers. I have ear protectors and ear plugs, but they aren’t enough. I explained that I have been hit by painhammers/backup beepers while crossing the street, and been forced to curl up in excruciating pain.

So somone replied:

On the other hand, if the fetal-position-in-the-middle-of-the-street risk is that significant, I also think you are an equally significant risk to both yourself and others if you are allowed to be out in public.

They seem to imply that, they think because abled people keep hurting me, they think abled people should lock me up.


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