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They are literal segregation.

They have been shaped by the same racist, eugenicist, and divide-the-workers goals.

Supporting these policies doesn’t make you “reasonable.” Opposing these policies doesn’t make us “unreasonable.”

Supporters of anti-immigration policies sometimes claim that “every country has a right to restrict immigration.”

Rights are supposed to protect *people* from arbitrary power, not to justify attacking people with arbitrary power.

One could say that “every government has the might to restrict immigration,” but might does not make right.
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Every ruling class creates an underclass and then scorns that underclass, robs that underclass, creates bs moral panics about that underclass, and drives more people into that underclass. Most revolutions have only seen some re-arrangements among the ruling classes and the highest subordinate classes. But if the current ruling class continues to undermine its subordinate classes and rive more and more into the underclass, I think it contains the potential not only for the destruction of the ruling class but of the entire class system.

After that, we don’t have to live in fear.
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Some of my best friends are Aspies. I know full well they have the same capacity for empathy as any other human being. When supposed experts like Baron-Cohen claim that autistic folks are incapable of empathy, the supposed experts reveal that they themselves are unwilling to extend empathy to those different from themselves.

Our society is run by neurotypicals for neurotypicals, and treats neurominorities as perpetual outsiders. It judges people by eye contact, facial expression, and tone of voice. It excludes those of us who find eye contact stressful or facial expressions unreadable, and it dehumanizes us to justify that exclusion.

Our society is run by people who regard neurodiversity as disease, and wish to find ways to prevent it. But it is the diversity of minds and the diversity of perspectives which makes society most creative, most dynamic, most driven to overcome its injustices and find greater justice. And makes society most free for the remainder. If you abolish autism, you are abolishing your own empathy for autistics, and you will make life hell for those on the edge of autism.

I am angry here. You should be angry too.


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