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There has been an ongoing epidemic of violence against lgbt people. I know this. I've been bashed for being different; people are getting bashed, raped, and killed, for being lgbt. This has been especially severe in the District of Columbia:

Peter Sprigg, a researcher for the Family Research Council, has called for violence against lgbt people, including criminalization of lesbian and gay people.

Richard Floyd, a Tenessee politician, has called for violence against lgbt people, including criminalization and murder of trans people.

And the Family Research Council has also opposed resolutions condemning the "Kill the Gays" bill in Uganda. [Update: Also, Tony Perkins has defended the "Kill the Gays" bill: ]

So at times the Family Research Council has called for violence against lgbt people, and has opposed calls to end the violence against lgbt people, in a climate where lgbt people face ongoing violence, discrimination, and threats from politicians.

P.S. Now they are threatening to sue the Southern Poverty Law Center for classifying them as a hate group, because they think the classification may have contributed to one act of violence against them. By that standard, they would open themselves to being sued for demonizing lgbt people, because their demonization has contributed to uncounted acts of violence against us.

P.P.S. And calling out hate is not calling for violence. If you can't tell the difference, you need help.
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I oppose violence. I refuse to use violence or to participate in violence: no bullets, no ballots.

And yet I can't see any way to stop the violence. I have been bashed by neo-Nazis. Some of my friends have been raped. Countless other lgbt people have been murdered. Countless lgbt kids are being forced into homelessness by anti-lgbt parents.

I am asking for advice on how to stop the violence. A lot of it is invisible violence against invisibilized/marginalized minorities. We need to point out the violence, because the news hardly ever covers the violence. A lot of it is enabled by hatred, victim-blaming, and cultural norms. We need to expose the hatred. We need to expose the ways anti-lesbian, anti-gay, and anti-trans groups defame us, falsify data, encourage violence against us, and encourage genocide against lgbt people abroad [e.g. the 'Kill the Gays' campaign in Uganda]. We need to challenge the victim-blaming. We need to challenge the idea that our love is less meaningful and our identities are less real.

Of course, the hetero-cissupremacists claim we are 'hateful' when we call out their hate for being hateful.
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I have yet to see any coherent explanation of why someone should support the accursed institutions. I don't expect to. All borders are tools of the ruling class.

The most common reason people support anti-immigrant policies seems to be because they are racial/national supremacists. It's no secret that many anti-immigrant groups, such as AmRen, are neo-Nazi front groups, and the Arizona law was written by neo-Nazis and their allies. And that's where the deliberately-dehumanizing rhetoric ['Untermenchsen,' 'anchor babies,' etc.] comes from.

The next most common reason seems to be authoritarianism. Many people think other people should need permission from the ruling class to exercise basic human rights such as speech or travel. Maybe that's where this obsession with whether someone followed the right procedures and fits within the quotas.

The next most common reason seems to be, as I'd mentioned above, the belief that there is some morally-justifiable reason to treat people born on the other side of some border differently from people born on the same side of that border. But how could there be?

And that leaves aside the problem that I would be collateral damage from most documentation-based 'solutions' to the nonproblem.
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... I am at a loss for words. I have already been beaten by the militarists.

I don't know how many more planes need to be slammed into buildings for the reality sink into a pacifist's head. American-born extremist are treasonous.

I agree with you that humans live and die. Unfortunately the American Civil Liberty Union wants to upset this balance by being in favor of traitors living.

I wonder how many millions more people will die in how many destructive conflicts before the racist-nationalists realize they are destroying humanity.

He's decided that as a pacifist, I must be an extremist, and as an American-born pacifist, I must be some sort of blood traitor. Because I reject militarist values of blood, land, oaths, orders, and war, and he accepts these values, he declares that I am a traitor, and I must die.

He's not threatening me in person, of course, just the millions of other human beings who wish to live human lives.
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It's hard. Some beatings, some stuff I'd rather not talk about, a death in the family, and frequent reminders that I don't control my own life have sucked all the joy out of my own life.

P.S. I've had good days and bad in the past three weeks. I'm triggered now, but on the whole I'm doing better these days than I was then. I've got a better idea too, of what keeps bringing me back to the beatings, and the other stuff I've survived, and the fear. Maybe I can work through it after all. Maybe it will start getting better instead of worse.
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So he proposes laws that would criminalize peeing while trans. These laws would add to the discrimination, criminalization, poverty, homelessness, and profiling that many trans people face. These laws would get people killed.

But he doesn't just seem to want to starve people to death with his pen, he also talks about beating people to death with his own hands and feet.

“It could happen here,” Floyd said. “I believe if I was standing at a dressing room and my wife or one of my daughters was in the dressing room and a man tried to go in there — I don’t care if he thinks he’s a woman and tries on clothes with them in there — I’d just try to stomp a mudhole in him and then stomp him dry.

I'm not sure which is more appalling. An exterminationist movement relies on both: the bigots-in-power who legislate violence and the bigots-with-their-fists who beat and kill.


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