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Chelsea Manning should never have been imprisoned, and the United States government should never have invaded Iraq, but the commutation may well save her life.
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She is currently being held in solitairy confinement in a men's prison. This is not good. She could be subjected to worse abuse, and stripped of access to medical care, in the new regime: Trump supports torture, and Pence opposes trans rights. Commutation to time served could save her life.

Please, sign her petition for commutation, and share her petition with your friends.


Aug. 13th, 2015 10:28 pm
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I just can’t get used to the cruelty the right wing directs at Chelsea Manning, insisting that she should be tortured, broken, and killed.

And they keep calling her a “traitor.”

To whom?

To all Americans, they say.

Well, she’s no traitor to me, for one.

She stood up for everyone. She exposed the lies and the crimes of the government. She exposed diplomatic cables concerning the government contractors’ involvement in raping children. She exposed massacres.

I know she isn’t a pacifist, but by exposing these crimes, and by transitioning, she has rejected two of the key values of violence.

They want to take revenge to defend the masculinity of klepto/aristocratic honor, and to defend the honor of sadistic masculinity.


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