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My left ankle is acting up, so I’m looking for a brace to walk without further injury, one which I can wear without contact dermatitis. I have plain cotton socks, but I’m not sure how much of a barrier they’ll be. I’ve also looked for wrist and elbow braces.

I’m searching for hypoallergenic options. And at least these don’t include latex. But they do include spandex/lycra, and other elastics, and nylon, and polyester, and even aloe blistering vera. And these can trigger some people’s allergies, like mine. So the results can be hyperallergenic.
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You ever have nightmares where half the nightmare is remembering, rather than experiencing, something?

I had a nightmare where I remembered people keeping small carnivorous plants. They had narrow sticky stalks, and they big jaws like Venus Flytraps. But people couldn’t keep control of them, and in a few months they replaced all the other plants, and giant ones were swaying in the sky. And you couldn’t burn them because they’d release toxic gas, and there was a rumor that they could cloud and control your mind…

I think my nightmare *might* have something to do with allergy season, and with the nasty side-effects I had from cetirizine for the past few days.
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Finally reach doctor's office.

Struggle with bright lights and noises.

Search for a corner to curl up in.


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