May. 23rd, 2017

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“Maybe you should stay off the internet if name calling offends you so much.“

Maybe you should get off the internet if you insist on using eugenicist slurs like i****, i*******, and m**** everywhere.

I have hyperacusis and a non-epileptic photosensitivity, so I don’t have accessible public transportation, and I don’t have safe crosswalks. It’s not like I can work without the internet, or go to the library, or just talk to people without the internet.
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Do they still have signs claiming “Metro is Accessible”?

I can’t use the system because it’s inaccessible, and this will make it even worse, this will make it as inaccessible as Hell.

Depending on the ingredients, perfume can cause blinding tears, sneezing, asthma attacks, migraines, and blisters on contact. Of course, not everyone’s allergic to every perfume, but it’d be rude for me to wear one containing, for example, urushiol around people who are allergic to it, it would be rude for other people to wear one containing any allergen around people allergic to it, and it is reckless and discriminatory to fill subway cars with it.

Metro is a government agency. It's supposed to follow the Equal Protection Clause and the Americans with Disabilities Act. This policy would violate both.


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