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I don't really want to talk about my fear of dogs and my panic attacks. It might help explain things though. It involves some graphic imagery.

I have luckily never been bitten by dogs. Some dogs growl if I come within 50 feet. Some strain at the leash. Some dogs greet people, and with my allergies, that's also a problem.

Standard advice is that dogs growl if people show fear, growl if people keep our distance, or instinctively chase if people instinctively run the hell away.

Standard advice is... not reassuring... it belongs in horror movies, not in real life.

I am very allergic to dogs. And dogs tend to leave their hair and crap everywhere. In one of my first memories, a giant dog walked up to me, looked or sniffed at me, turned around, and shat a crapload as big as my head.

And dogs have also been bred into grotesque shapes. I haven't encountered huskies or dingos in real life, but pictures of huskies don't bother me, and pictures of dingos don't bother me as much as most breeds. I understand certain breeds can't interbreed. Many other domestic animals have problems due to inbreeding, and even some wild animals do, such as cheetahs. I assume dogs have worse problems due to inbreeding than other species with similar population sizes. Syringomyelia, for example, in greyhounds.

So I think my subconscious interprets the horror as immediate danger from dogs.



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